We Are Legion was created for Portland Institute for Contemporary Art's Time-Based Art Festival. The project is ongoing so feel free to submit your photographs through the website.

From the TBA:09 catalog:

"Stephen Slappe creates a never-ending army of costumed youth in a web project that mines your photo albums for evidence of what the artist calls 'contemporary cultural indoctrination.' For TBA, Slappe will set up stations, online and in person, in order to collect images of you and yours in Halloween garb. He will string these images together into a scrolling defense line of masked society. We Are Legion addresses personal history and pop culture nostalgia, and plays with the technological innovations that allow for rapid sharing of personal images. Slappe's work blends humor, absurdity, and anxiety in order to reflect upon notions of home, transience, and physical and psychological escape."

PICA's Visual Art Program Director, Kristan Kennedy, interviewed me about the project. The interview was included in a printed catalog and is also available online.

Financial Support: Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA)
Programming: Jacob Peter Fennell
Volunteers for TBA:09: Leah Kiczula, Nicole Milchak, Tesar Freeman, Claire LaMont, Nicole Smith, Mattie Ecklund, Rainbow Ross, Jason Powell, Tamar Monhait, Thomas Wheeler-Castillo, Sylvie Spencer
Thanks to everyone who contributed images before, during, and after TBA:09.


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